Vincent Huang



I see a world where most people are willing to help each other to achieve anything that they set to achieve, 
and I believe that the only way we can do this is to take care of each other and work together as one

As a leader, my people including the students are important. I will bring my selflessness and empathy for anything they need while providing directions and support so that they can learn, grow, feel rooted and belong in the community, and become the best versions of themselves as they should.

I love making positive impacts for people. By having discovered what the students need (and more in the future) and what can be improved at SFU, I could see myself creating the changes as SFSS president while working together with others on the same page and supporting one another.

Why Am I Running?

You probably heard of the saying of the African Proverb: If you want to go far, go together.

However, how can we even go together if we are not on the same page?

Last month (January) alone, we see that even to this date, SFU has been prioritizing profits over their people (students & staff) by requiring us to attend in-person classes without offering anything that makes us feel safe.

SFU must know that the only reason that they are still standing today is because of us!

I have been talking to many students and found out that:
• They do not think that their money spend is worth their knowledge,
• They feel like their needs are not properly addressed,
• They do not think that their physical and mental health is being addressed,
• Most of them don’t know how to apply their learning in the real world.

As a president, I will demand and pressure SFU to:
• Operate with their students in mind
• Based their decisions on will the students benefit from this
• Provide more physical and mental health services and support
• Provide more opportunities and chances for hands-on practice and work so that you can apply what they learn and test the field of their work!

TL;DR – I believe that it is time that SFU prioritize their students need above their profits and provide us with more casual opportunities for us to try our field of interest and apply what we have learned or what we should have been taught (Personal Finance, Investment, taxes, etc.) SFU also need to prioritize our physical and mental health since these are the foundations on what we build!

Priority #1

1. Every Single Individuals MATTER! No One Left Behind!

Create a safe space for anyone to raise their voice and actually be heard by the community: I believe that “the public opinion” is what makes a country and organization great because those are what people actually look for.

Unfortunately, SFSS has not been doing this. The SUB closure has perhaps been one of the latest proofs that SFSS do not make a decision that we want as students. This decision has made a lot of us overload other areas of campus which defeat the purpose of “…because it encourages students to interact with others in close proximity where they cannot guarantee their safety.” (Ketter, 2022).

I am fully aware that I do not have the capacity to talk to 25,000 students alone. Thus, I, the SFSS team, and all the committee and staff will commit to listen and pay attention to EACH INDIVIDUAL and understand where everyone is come from so that we can make the changes that actually make a difference!

  • We Implement Your Decision! Felt unfair in grading process/weight distribution? Not enough student support? Your right is violated? Talk to us and let us help you get what you DESERVE!

  • Create a Public Opinion Platform for you to submit your needs, opinions, and concerns through and be acknowledged and attended by the execs and staff. MENTAL HEALTH IS A YOUR RIGHT!

  • Establish Talk to Us! A Program where you can personally voice your needs (in-person / online / anonymously) and be listened to and actioned by us! I personally will allocate at least 8 hours weekly to an open office hour that is specially dedicated to listening and supporting you with your opinion and concerns. Let’s make SFU work for us!

  • Talk to Us! Is useful because it will base our decision-making on your input and data and not assumptions! You can talk to us about ANYTHING!

  • Implement Open Window Policy consists of livestreaming and uploading all meetings to YouTube with timestamps and notes so that you can look for anything specifics and be useful. FULL TRANSPARENCY!

  • Create a Weekly Progress Report that will be published and updated every Sunday consisting of all the goals, progress, and spending that has been made in that week. This will emphasize critical planning and progress tracking which will not allow any execs to slack off.

Priority #2

2. The Importance of Understanding Personal Finance and Investment

Everyone knows that personal finance and investment are extremely important in ensuring future financial success. But have we actually learned how to implement them in our life?

  • Negotiate and pressure SFU to establish a FREE courses/program that teach every single student in every faculty to understand the importance of personal finance and investment and HOW TO APPLY IT (step by step!) in your life!

  • Create more opportunities for students in any faculty who express interest in joining a very competitive clubs and opportunities & non-discussed finance topics

  • Investment Simulations: Apply your knowledge with a real case scenario and portfolio today so that you can start practicing your skills!

  • Exploring Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the Metaverse; get to know the technologies that everyone is talking about and learn how you might be able to seize the opportunities for yourself!

  • Establish a club that bridge student from beginner to professional for them to understand the application of deeper knowledge in the real world.

  • Re-learn the concept you learn a long time ago and understand how to use it in your life!

Priority #3

3. No-Commitment Career Exploration so You Can TRY Everything

A lot of us say that we don’t know what they want to do. I think this is because we have not tried enough things.

I mean, how do we know what music we like if we never listen to a single song?

However, it is hard for us to try things out if we are required to invest a lot of money and energy into a single topic before we can try the career out,

  • Establish a career simulation without prerequisites (REAL working environment simulations, not a game that doesn’t even look like what we really do at work)

  • A real look at what you will actually do in the career you choose

  • Try out your career through projects, problems, and cases. It is okay that you don’t understand how to do it, but you can see what is being done and get a sense of understanding of what happens in that role

  • Try out as much as you want until you find something that interests you!

  • Subsidize career exploring events and courses and invite knowledgeable speakers to share their experiences with you.

My goal with this program is so you can explore all the possibilities and make sure you love the work that you do!

Now I learned that one can only have three priorities to thrive, but that doesn’t mean that we do not fight towards other goals; thus, here are additional goals/past goals that I want to maintain or bring to life:

  • Whatever the situation with COVID-19 that we are having right now, SFU will have to prioritize their student physical and mental health and safety above anything else

  • Financial relief, both in-person and online classroom through livestreaming, free N95/KN95 mask, free rapid test, socially distance seating arrangement

  • Tuition Freeze for two more years and 2% cap for international students increases. A lot of us believe that the price we pay is not worth the education we receive!

  • More Open Education Resources (OERs)! No more paying for books, quizzes, and materials.

  • Lobby the government to prioritize their future generations (we, the students) and make invest more in the education and finish Gondola Project in a timely manner!

Goals for SFSS Councilors & Representatives

My goals for the council/councilors are for them to assist me with extending my attention to a more individual level with the students. Since I or any one person only has limited resources or time to connect with everyone in the society, I will have the councils/representatives help me identify any issue or concern within each faculty by connecting with the students, doing surveys, or creating an online platform where students can voice their opinion.

These councils will be reporting to me if there is any issue, concern, or simply information or suggestion which I will look into further and come up with solutions by working with the SFSS team.

By gathering information from all councils and representatives, I will also advocate to strengthen the relationships between all faculties and see if there is any mutually beneficial partnership that can be created. This partnership will add values in the community and create more opportunities for students to network, solve issues, and bring their ideas to life.

Questions to Yourself...

  • Do you think Real World Education is important?

  • How important do you think it is to have funds for Universal health care and Mental health service?

  • Do you think it is important for SFU to prioritize our well-being and prioritize us above their own growth?

  • Do you want a Hybrid class?

  • Do you think SUB should reopen?

If you agree PLEASE VOTE for the change

Pledge to Vote on February 15-17, 2022! #SFUChangeForBetter


Feel free to reach out for questions / comments / feedback: